Wives and Mothers

Many times we get so preoccupied with providing for our immediate family that we let our own needs suffer. It is a difficult task to balance each hour of the day. When you wake you rush to get the kids up, dressed and cook breakfast. For some you also have the task of helping the husband as well. Some women then rush of to work crunching ever minute they have and praying that they get there on time to hold onto their position in this male dominated world. Then you have the women that finally get everyone out the door only to turn around and start their daily house tasks, errands, grocery shopping and more.

Its not a secret that as women we wear so many faces and have to be masters at juggling. Life is a circus and we survive it with a smile and pretty face, but deep inside many of us feel lost. You feel as if you don’t know your self any longer and find unhappiness with just being the “mom” or “wife’.

What we don’t see most of the time is that along the way it is little things that we do to make out selves happy. Little hobbies we have created throughout the years that bring us joy and in all honesty we just haven’t had the time to focus on the pearls.

I am here to tell you it is ok to be selfish enough to explore your pearls. Skip switching those clothes to the dryer to cultivate yourself. Be a few minutes late to work kissing you weeps goodbye and don’t worry about your image at the job. Yes, we carry a lot of stress, but so have all the mothers and wives before us and you know what… They did it!!! Don’t think that just because you choose the selfless life you can’t have a little moments of selfishness. You must to keep your sanity. So, love your self, pamper your self, leave that mess on the floor. No one is going to die from it and go explore your pearls. If I can you can!

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