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There is nothing easy about being anything in the title. We all know that being a parent is a whole new adventure in it’s self.

Before I started the sport when I heard the word bikini competition I could only think about the girls gone wild type and definitely have never been about that life. But, I was so wrong.

I followed varies women for natural hair inspiration and became intrigued by one vloggers bodybuilding journey. Here I was a mom of two with my youngest being 1 and me still carrying baby fat topping the scale at 150 lbs. a light went off and I said, “that’s it, I’m doing it… I’m losing this weight.”

My first trainer just so happened to be a bikini competitor and was competing at a national level. She showed no mercy and if she hadn’t I would have never made it this far. Now, I train with Mind Body and Fuel and let me tell you… they have a interesting way of training. Let’s say you will get the job done. But what I love about them is the family type atmosphere. I have met some amazing women.

That is the greatest thing about the sport period. You meet some amazing women… from all walks of life, in all areas of fitness, with a different journey to the stage. Some do it for the win and some for personal reasons, but it definitely was easy for each one of us.

Yes, we have the most body fat percentage of the sport, ok, and we do girly stuff, but we still bust our arse ( yes arse). 5-6 days a week working out for that 10 seconds or slight more on stage to showcase your hard work. Not to mention all the glits and glam, cost of the suit, and not being able to shower after the tan. Everyone knows what happens when you don’t shower right… Thank goodness it’s only for a day and the keep it extremely cold in the building.

But I love it. The competition is within my self. Pushing my self to be better than I was the last show. My weeples looking up to me telling me their proud of me. Knowing that I’m their example. I do it for that. I do it for the amazing friendships you gain along the way, I do it for the after show meal… If I can you can

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