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It’s one thing to have a family member be a military member and even more stressful to be married to a military member. But, what if you are that military member. Too much to wrap your head around. Serving your country during the time of conflict is challenging in it’s self. What’s even more challenging is being a woman serving your country. We all know that it is definitely a male dominated career and at times women have to be very type A to survive the cut. At times you feel like you lose your self in it all.

That was my challenge for a while. Like many I joined so young that I had no idea who I was or where life was going for me. I did know that what ever it was I was going to do had to be medical. Which I was pretty lucky to get. If you come in open general your pretty much get the job the service you joins needs at the time. Let me tell you too, you hit the ground running. At least I did… Everything is a blur and yes deployments and moving all the time sucks, but you get the opportunity to learn other cultures.

In the mean time you grow your immediate family and you wake up one day a wife, mom, and military member. Everyone needs something and of course you know your career won’t wait. So, things get crazy and you feel like a side act in a circus, but you keep going. You are what we call in the Air Force “Resilient”. All that organization and training from basic kicks in and now folding, as we did in my time, and tweezing shirts all makes since. They were teaching you structure, organization, dedication, and attention to detail. The survival tools… All these tools I apply in my personal life as well. It’s how I keep the side show under control and if I can, you can.

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Just a simple woman with a heart to help. Mother of two, fitness enthusiast, Physician Assistant, crafter, supporter, lover, and friend.

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