Craving Sweets

So, I’m bulking and enjoying all my new carbs, but I still have cravings. The candy bars at checkout are still pretty attractive to me. Two weeks before my show earlier this month I had horrible cravings. It definitely didn’t help watching the weeps enjoy there recess, snickers, cookies, and cupcakes. When your bodybuilding you have to remind our self of why you cut those sweets delicious treats out and remember that right after your done you can dive in.

Being a serious competitor and mom is a different story. Yes my lovely Trainer has brought life back into my diet with all these lovely carbs, fruit and even yogurt, but I still what the bad stuff. One day during a craving I decided to spice that plain greek yogurt up. It was either do that or eat me some chips, maybe a ton of honey almond butter or just get down and dirty on some cookies.

I must say that I pretty proud of my self for having the will power to say no. I’m currently 16 weeks out from my next show and yea I might not be in too bad of a shape and can recover from a little cheat every now and then, but I want to beat the me that stood on stage during the last show. They always say, “You can’t out work a bad diet” and that is fact. So, get you some plain creek yogurt and spice it up. You might be surprised how it hits the spot. It’s all about them goals!!!

The Mix:

2oz of plain greek yogurt

.15oz of semi chocolate chips

.30 oz of pretzels (broken)


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