The Reflection

Have you ever been walking outside and your own shadow catches your eye? Well today mine did. It just was my own shadow, but also the shadow of my little weeples. I watched as there little feet trotted along with my combat boots. A simply moment symbolized so much for me in that moment.

I remember when I signed the dotted line to join and I’m not afraid to admit that education was my main reason. I wasn’t lucky enough to have a two family home or a mom at home to run to. The choice I made was about survival and I had plenty people who doubted me. To them I was a statistic, a teenage pregnancy waiting to happen and even family members didn’t bother giving their time.

Looking at this reflection I see all that was so hard to see when I signed that paper and raised my right hand. NO! it was not fun waking up to the sounds of rockets while deployed. Lying there half asleep on the floor of my trailer with my flak vest on me realizing if I was hit I’d still probably die anyway. It definitely suck to see two rockets collide in the sky like in the movie Armageddon. Nope, not fun at all.

What I can say about all my years in this uniform is it has made me appreciate the little things in life. I pay closer attention to details and remain vigilant. Family takes on a whole new meaning when you don’t know when the night time you have to take that long flight with the possibility of never coming home. On the bright side, I’ve traveled and most off all I have gotten my education. I’ve made bonds that time and distance cannot break. Both good and bad are all courtesy of the military.

Funny thing is I don’t regret it. Knowing that I am providing my kids with a life I never had is my driving force. Raising my right hand allowed me to travel this path of life. So I look at this picture and I wonder how much further these boots can go and will those tiny feet next to them walk in them one day. Or, will the path I paved push beyond that and on to bigger and better things…


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