Kids & The Gym

“How do you do it”, is the question people ask me the most. I have to be honest with you. It is not easy. April 2016 my Husband got orders to go to Cali and I was left behind in San Antonio to finish school. I was getting my Bachelorette in Science in a sixteen month time period. So, pretty much my life consisted of around the clock studying. Competing and training was my only outlet and we did the best we could flying me between Cali and Texas for family time.

Now I’m completing my Masters in Physician Assistant Studies in twelve months. My husband is deployed which places all task on my shoulders. It is always hard enough to balance kids, house and work, but on top of that trying to maintain my own hobbies. I stressed, I cried and felt like I was at my wits end. At one point I felt like I had to give up training, but then “Preparation” was the goal.

Learning to stay ahead is key. You have to prep, prep, prep. Meal prep, Day prep, night prep, and gym prep. I knew that if I had a long day ahead of me then the night before I needed to prep all my meals, my clothes, their clothes, their gym meals and snacks. Yes, some days I was fatigue after work, but that changes after you get a little pre workout in while the weeples eat. That’s how you get to the gym, but what about the house and studying?

We all hates the house work after a long day, but tackle the most needed task for the night. Wash dishes as you cook…. Wipe the table while you clean up dinner and train your self to do a little every night before going to bed. I handle studying the same way. Preparation right! If you set a time for baths, bed, cleaning, and studying you will find balancing it all is not that chaotic. Kids are pretty durable and if you as mom stick to the plan they will as well. Remember If I can you can!

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