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Truth be told, the majority of people eat for satisfaction and entertainment not for survival. In all honesty, more than half of us consume portion sizes that are way too large for us. After eating a large satisfying meal we then stretch out to let it “digest” and few soon after fall asleep. Well, guess what, your body just breaks that large meal down and stores it. That in it’s self is another topic. The biggest question is why do we feel the need to intake more than needed?

Well it’s a learned behavior. Many families will sit around and enjoy large portions of food together. I grew up in a family with the saying of, “you can’t leave the table until your plate is cleaned.” Bingo! The learned behavior… As a parent have you ever thought about what the accurate portion size for a child is? I didn’t until I started to break the learned behavior in regards to my own diet.

We pass down this bad habit of over eating and therefore pass down diseases that are related to poor diet habits. Even if you have a hard time breaking those bad habits with your own diet you can start to teach your kids how to eat the right portion size for them. Decondition your self from thinking they have to clean their plates and teach them how to stop overindulging past the warning sign your body gives when you are full.

Everyone has a required daily caloric intake and I urge you to speak to your health care provider about yours and your children’s. One happy meal is more than half of some kids daily requirement. For young kids this means obesity and early cardiovascular disease. We usually associate heart disease with being older or obese, but children as young as 10 years old are showing plaque build up in their arteries. What does that mean… We are feeding our young nation to death.

Time to feed them to life!

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