Very few people like obstacles, especially if they hinder progression. They get you frustrated, lengthen your timeline and change your goals up a bit. It’s all in the way you embrace the obstacles.

Do you remember the saying “glass half full”? Well I do. I used to be a glass half empty person that was driven by my vision and could see nothing beyond it. You know where a mindset like that gets you? It makes you stressed and frustrated.  Yes things can get done that way, but it’s so much harder on the mind.

Life isn’t about planning to precision and hitting every target on the mark. Sometimes you have to focus on the 25 meter target and let all others sit for a while. The beauty about life is you have options, can organize priorities and things are forever changing.

What if we had to make a decision about our future without the choice to make things right and had to just take what ever happened? What if that first choice caused stress, was wrong or lead to some bad outcomes. Yeah no, I wouldn’t want to be stuck in that life either. The beauty of struggle is being able to choose a different route.

When you hit the brick wall ask your self is there  a way around, through or over. Then think back about how you got to the brick wall and understand why so that you can prevent it from happening again. Then develop your plan.

Nothing gets better or progresses without a solid plan of action. No soldier goes into battle randomly without a strategy, because that is a sure way to fail. Always take the time to know what you’re up against, what you’re fight for and the value of it all. Without knowing these things you loose your way.

Stay Driven 💋

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