Life Happens

First of all this post is long over due and an update is needed. So, June 9th I graduated with my Masters in Physician Assistant Studies. Finishing school is a great accomplishment no matter who you are, but I didn’t get the chance to enjoy it like I should have. Two weeks prior I walked the stage in my first and last body building competition of the year.

You caught that right? First and last?  This year was my first year stepping on a NPC stage since 2015 and in all honesty, I wasn’t read. It wasn’t so much physically, but mentally. I was exhausted from training, studying, taking test and preparing my self to move from one coast to another. I was determined to see this commitment through and felt as if I would be a failure for backing out. I forced my self through prep and onto the stage to place eighth out of about sixteen women. I left feeling like I had the worse show of my life and soon realized due to my PCS (Permanent Change of Station) I wouldn’t have time to redeem my self.

What I didn’t realize is that this was just the beginning. After graduating I had to quickly hit the road for a twenty four plus hour drive to Maryland. Once I arrived the house and school hunting began. Let me tell you… Finding a home and decent school for your family under pressure is not a joke. I lived in a hotel for about a month and just when I felt like I was being sucked down a black hole things started to change, starting with passing the PANCE test for my Physician Assistant certification.

Soon after getting the results for my cert I got notified my kids were accepted to my first choice for school, I moved in to a  spacious home, my leadership allowed me to in-process with my children since I didn’t have child care and I re-estalished my workout routine after gaining a nice fourteen pounds. The stress started to slowly diminish and I found my self thankful.

I was thankful for the peace of mind I had, my children’s health and my tenacity to overcome all these lemons thrown my way. I made pink lemonade! I also had time to think back on my show and realized that at my age with children it is such an accomplishment to even stand on stage next to young childless women and place even eighth. Not to mention I looked pretty darn good.

Sometimes when you feel like life is happening and not happening in a good way just hang in there. Everyday is a new day, with a new day comes change and things fall apart so that better things can come together.

Stay Driven 💋


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  1. Jamie this is just yet another example of your strength and power to do ANYTHING and everything!! You look absolutely stunning and are strong and smart! I MISS YOU!

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