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Career, relationships, kids or just life in general can make getting to the gym difficult. I started my journey in the gym and felt I had to go there to accomplish my workout goals. Well, not really.Party Faces

You can do your workouts at home! “Starting an at home gym is so expensive” is what a co-worker said to me. Yes! gym equipment can be pricey, but if you buy items as you need them one at a time you will have a little gym in no time. Does it have to be a nice garage gym with a treadmill or bike? No, you can use your driveway, neighborhood or local track to get a quick cardio session in. If you don’t have time to do those then circuit training is the way to go.
With circuit training you can structure your workout to keep the heart elevated while doing strength training in just a matter of 30-45 min. I literally get up in the morning and do my circuits while preparing the kids clothes for school. If you’re a night owl you can fit in a circuit after putting the kid to bed. Either way quick circuit training keeps you moving towards your goals.

Over the last year I had been buying a kettlebell here and dumbbell there. I even bought a barbell just to make it easier to workout at home. Last week I realized I had just enough equipment to not depend on the gym to get in a decent workout.

So, I tell you this, when you look at how much you have to buy to set up a at home gym it can be discouraging. Instead think about what you can get right now. Set short goals, for example, commit to buying one pair of dumbbells every pay period or every other pay period. Before you know it, you too will have a nice little home gym.

Remember, If I can, you can!
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