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Kids today are less active than they were when I was growing up. I remember being outside all day and not even interested in sitting in front of a television. Video games were pretty popular back then, but parents still got their kids outdoors.

With the new games and interest in technology it is so important to take the time getting active with your children. Parents work hard on their day job and get home just in time to say “how was your day”, make dinner, do homework and get ready for the next day. We send them to school with the hopes that teachers will teach them how to be good productive members of society, but that is not the teachers job. We, the parents, are responsible for that lesson. That means you only have Saturday and Sunday to really incorporate family time.


I normally hear a lot of families doing movie night, game night or eating out. Some families just sit at home and everyone does their own thing. Well, how about establishing a family workout night or day! There are a ton of sports and activities you can do as a family.

The Weeples and I like to do a track day. We go to the track and do circuits, or I do while they play, or I teach them running form, baton hand offs, proper stretching and how to warm up. As a parent we have to remember we are the first exposure of the world to our children and a lot of what they will carry with them through life is what we teach them.

If you teach your Weeples a sedentary lifestyle then more than likely that is what they will mimic until they get the knowledge and drive to want to change. If you spend the time at home exposing them to a variety of foods, teaching them to eat healthy, to be active, positive and take care of their mental and physical wellbeing they will definitely be ready for life’s challenges. Set your Weeples up for success and not failure. Remember, they are watching you.

Stay Driven

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