Body Butter


This smooth creamy butter is made up Coco, Mango, Shea and Jojoba Butter. Aloe is added for its ability to soothe damaged skin.

It was designed to melt upon contact with your skin and perfectly fragranced to ensure even those with eczema benefit from its use. All products can be customized to be fragrance free for those with sensitive skin. Just email for more information.

Jamie Jai’s Butter works wonders when applied immediately following a shower or bath. See the Jamie Jai’s body oil for use as a touch up moisturizer, shower moisturizer or shaving aid.

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  1. Juanicia Page

    These body butters are so amazing!!!! They made my skin soft like butter! The whipped butter has a thick, creamy consistency yet very fluffy and light weight when applied to the skin. They smell so divine and they don’t leave you oily ! I love using them when I’m fresh out of the shower! As soon as I apply it to my body it just melts into my skin, leaving me feeling baby skin soft!

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