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Jamie Jai’s body oil is a blend of Coconut, Safflower, Almond and Olive Oil. Made for applying to your skin, hair, and can be used during your shower, bath or while shaving.

Jamie Jai’s body oil is a perfect moisturizer during the summer months that can be used during the colder months as a touch up throughout the day for fragrance and moisture. This oil can be used as a massage oil as well.

*All of Jamie Jai’s products can be formulated to be fragrance free for those with sensitive skin. Email for more information.

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  1. Monica Hargrow

    I just love the Vanity body oil, I apply the body oil all over my entire body. It smells so good, my skin is so soft, the scent last for hours, when I drop my grand babies off to School the teachers say, “you always smell so good, what is the name of your perfume?” I reply with a smile, ” no perfume,it’s my wonderful body oil I purchased from Jamie jai”. My other half just loves it, his statement, ” my baby so soft like cotton she will never be forgotten.”

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